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Andover Lawn Cutting Service

With the premier Andover lawn cutting service made available through Eden Lawn and Tree, you can maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn and landscape throughout the entire year. Our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable lawn care technicians are ready to help you find a service package that accounts for all of your lawn and landscaping needs.

As a leading lawn mowing service in Andover KS, our team at Eden Lawn and Tree specializes in a lot more than just mowing your lawn. We have a full arsenal of services that are going to protect your lawn and landscape from damaging elements such as malnutrition, weeds, diseases, insects and more.

Our lawn care company in Andover KS specializes in:

  • Lawn mowing, fertilization and weed control: The foundation of any immaculate property is a finely manicured, thick, green turf. With weekly attention from our skilled staff, you can maintain a beautiful looking lawn. We offer Andover lawn mowing service that gives you the option to add on fertilization and weed control.


  • Flower bed maintenance: Just like your grass, your flower beds need special care, as well. You can include this with your Andover lawn cutting service, and our team will diligently care for your beds by weeding, mulching and treating them with pre-emergent.


  • Tree services: Separate from our lawn mowing service in Andover KS, the team at Eden Lawn and Tree can provide for all of your tree care needs. Whether you have trees that are in desperate need of a thorough trimming, or require stump grinding, pest control or tree medicine, we are here to make sure the trees on your property grow and thrive.

We are confident you will find our lawn cutting service in Andover KS to be competitively priced. Our crews are friendly, insightful and treat your property with the same respect that we would treat our own lawns.

Whether cutting your lawn, or administering our Andover lawn fertilizer service, we work hard to provide the best possible results each time we visit.

Revamp your lawn with Eden Lawn and Tree

Do you want a quote on our Andover lawn cutting service? We’ll get you one quickly and under no obligation to move forward with our service. We’re simply enthusiastic about showing you the cost-friendly, high-quality service that we offer here at Eden Lawn and Tree!

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