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Maize Flower Bed Maintenance

Let the flower beds on your property grow and thrive with the help of Eden Lawn and Tree and our Maize flower bed maintenance program. Our team provides your flower beds with the focused attention that they need all year round to ensure that the flowers grow strong and beautifully throughout the season.

What good is it to work hard to establish a rich, lush, green lawn when your flower beds are riddled with weeds and lackluster flowers? Our gardening specialists in Maize KS have the resources needed to make your beds thrive.

You can select a Maize garden maintenance package that will provide:

  • Hand weeding your beds. When it comes to your flower beds, weeds are the top enemy. They can germinate quickly and take over a bed, making it look unsightly while competing for valuable nutrients. As a part of our flower bed maintenance in Maize KS, we can weed your beds throughout the year.

  • Administer pre-emergent. In addition to hand weeding your beds, our Maize gardening specialists can apply pre-emergent to hinder any future weed growth.

  • Shrub trimming. For shrubs to grow healthy and strong, they need consistent trimming in order to shed dead or unnecessary limbs. As a part of our garden maintenance in Maize KS, a skilled technician will properly trim your shrubs so they look great and remain healthy.

  • Also, our Maize flower bed maintenance provides annual mulching of your flower beds. Not only does mulch look great, but it is highly effective in trapping in moisture while choking out weed growth.

With the help of our gardening specialists in Maize KS, you are able to maintain beds of stunning flowers and shrubs that complement your lawn and landscape nicely.

Get a free quote on our service. We’re confident you will find our lawn mowing and Maize flower bed maintenance to be competitively priced. You can get your estimate conveniently online right now. Get started!

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