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Park City Lawn Cutting Service

Are you looking for a professional Park City lawn cutting service that you are able to customize to the needs of your property? Eden Lawn and Tree is a locally-owned small business that provides a variety of quality lawn care services for our residential and commercial clients.

Whether you’re looking for a lawn mowing service in Park City KS to provide you with the traditional mow and blow service, or you’re interested in additional services to really bring your lawn to the next level, we have a service package to suit your needs.

Below is a rundown on our Park City lawn mowing service packages. One of our team members can provide you with an estimate if you are interested.

  • Good package: This is your traditional lawn cutting service in Park City KS, and it’s highly effective in making your lawn look finely manicured all year round. Our crews will come in on a weekly basis to mow your grass, trim around landmarks, edge against hard surfaces and blow away the clippings.

  • Better package: With this package, you are able to supplement your lawn with the nutrients it needs, while combating weeds, through our Park City lawn fertilizer service and weed remediation program. Fertilization applications are administered five times a year with two weed control applications throughout the year. We also provide a fall clean-up with over seeding and aeration.

  • Best package: This is the premium Park City lawn cutting service that will make your whole property look great all year round. Including all the services detailed above, our lawn care company in Park City KS will also throw in monthly flower bed weeding, shrub trimming three times a year, flower bed weed control and annual flower bed mulching.

With our lawn mowing service in Park City KS, you can create the best-looking lawn on your block!

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